In a new development that is bound to stir the Solar Energy sector Powermax is set to unveil its new kid on the block that is Powermax Solar Energy. The idea is born out of the need to provide different solutions to the consumers. The abundance of solar energy in this region coupled with low quality electricity connectivity has will ensure that having power does not remain a preserve of the few. But even in areas that electrical connectivity is good, it still remains a need for a backup and saving up on cost.

Powermax Solar brings to you the consumer, a range of solar products. We have in stock Evacuated Vacuum tube Integrated Pressurized Solar Water Heaters with incredible features where each vacuum tube works individually such that the heater can still work even when several tubes breakdown. It has the capability to heat even when the environment’s temperature is extremely low. For this model heat energy is transferred by vacuum tube with aluminium fin & heat pipe rapidly. It can fit any kind of roof style because of the rationally designed bracket.

A similar type is a Non-Pressurized Solar Water Heater with Assistant Tank which supplies water automatically to the main water tank. This type makes use of direct heat energy exchange. Heat energy is transferred by three target vacuum tube rapidly. Like its predecessor above Solar water heater can fit with many kinds of roof style because of the rationally designed brackets.

Domestic water heating has many choices to choose from depending on your preference and budget. Split Pressurized Solar Water Heater and Balcony Pressurized solar water heating system are some of the options available. Residents that have houses in apartments have a perfect option. This Module design arbitrarily combines in harmony with the building perfectly. With a High pressure of 100Kpa to 800Kpa and an intelligent control and automatic operation, its solar collector separates with the storage tanks which give one a choice to put the tank anywhere they deem fit in the house.

The dairy industry is worth billions of shillings. Cost saving is critical in harnessing of these profits. Capturing heat from solar energy to preheat water for sanitizing the milk harvesting plant can help save electricity and energy emissions. We have two solar hot water systems. The Flat plate and Evacuated tubes systems. These have two main parts; the collector and a form of storage. The collector transfer heat from sunlight to radiant energy to heat the water. The collectors are glass covered tubes containing copper tubes which are exposed to the sun.

Do you love swimming? Solar Pool Heating solution for the aquatics is your partner. When temperatures drop in the evenings or during the cold season, swimming in a water heated pool provides great relief to the body and spirit. And so whether it’s Freestyle, Butterfly or backstroke day you need not worry about the cold water. You can now do it for longer because your pool is heated up!

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